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CoEd Winter Track & Field - 2017- 2018



7 months ago by Kayla Evers

Winter Track Interest Meetings!

Two Meeting Times!

(You only need to attend one meeting, if you absolutely cannot attend, please e-mail Coach Evers or stop by the Gym!)

September 13th Room 100, 3-3:30

September 19th Room 100, 3-3:30

Welcome to the West Potomac Wolverines 2017-2018 Winter Track Season! We are so excited for this season & hope you are as well! We have a lot to discuss at our interest meeting & hope to see you all there. Below are some of the topics to be discussed:

1) Coaching Staff

2) Necessary Paperwork (where do you get it?)

3) Due date for paperwork is Wednesday November 1st. If your paperwork is not turned in YOU WILL NOT be trying out for this seasons team.

4) Tryouts. This year we will have a tryout system. It is our hope and desire to have athletes that have been conditioning themselves and who have the potential to reach competitive standards. It is important to us, and we hope to all of you, that the Track team is looked at as a competitive team & not simply a "running club". If you are concerned about tryouts, come talk to me! There is plenty of time to get in shape, don't wait until November 1st to start preparing.

5) Tryout dates are as follows:

November 6th (Yes, there is no school. Plan to be here- time to be announced)

November 7th (Election day= no tryouts/no practice)

November 8th (tryouts)

November 9th (tryouts)

November 10th (Last chance tryouts)

November 13th (Regular practice 3:15-5:00)

*Athletes that tried out for another Winter sport & did not make it are welcome to try out Monday the 13th. This will be the ONLY day you will be allowed to try out. Your paperwork must have been submitted by November 1st*

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